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When you feel you have lost everything, you still have

  • books
  • unexpected kindness in strangers
  • the rest of the world to travel
  • languages to learn
  • animals to take care of
  • volunteer work to do
  • the power of a good night’s rest
  • the changing of seasons
  • infinite things to learn
  • billions of people to meet and possibly love
  • billions of people who might love you back

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“I’m a writer” I whisper as I look up war statistics

“I’m a writer” I whisper as I look up when the blender was invented

“I’m a writer” I whisper as I figure out how many times you can get shot without dying

“I’M A WRITER” I shout when someone uses my laptop and I left the page open to stab-wound references.

“I’M A WRITER!” I yell as I stare at a wall for hours instead of actually writing.

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A Stunning Testament to the Life and Work of Chris Hondros

A collection of photographs and writing by the late photojournalist Chris Hondros titled Testament, published by PowerHouse Books, has been released nearly three years after Hondros was killed while on assignment in Libya.Testament includes a significant amount of Hondros’ work covering conflicts around the world beginning in the late 1990s, including those in Africa and the Middle East.

Sandy Ciric, director of photography for U.S. news at Getty Images, worked with Hondros at Getty for 11 years, predominately as his editor. She also editedTestament along with Pancho Bernasconi and Christina Piaia. She said it was a challenging endeavor. “We really wanted to channel Chris’ voice and his incredible storytelling abilities, both through his photos and his writing,” Ciric wrote via email. “We also knew which images were important to him, and we had to balance that desire to include all of those with the need to keep the flow and pacing of the book on track.”

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I want to have a Wes Anderson party


I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again, I’d love to have a Wes Anderson party. We can dress up as our favorite characters and eat some Courtesans au Chocolat, Mrs. Bean’s Famous Nutmeg Ginger Apple Snaps, burgers and drink some apple cider.

Anyone interested in doing this with me? Or just grabbing some burgers and hittin’ the cemetery?

OMG thatd be amazing